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Manufactured and installed exclusively by Veitchi, Veitchiflor (also known as Linotol) is a hard wearing, seamless or decorative composition flooring designed specifically for stairways and common areas.

Available in a range of colours, it is an established and proven floor covering which encompasses the performance requirements specific to stairs, without the need for seams, cuts or joints.

Veitchiflor/Linotol is suitable in both new and old buildings, and can be applied to traditional stone staircases, pre-cast or insitu units.  Timber stairs can also be covered providing they are sound and secure.

Veitchiflor/Linotol completely covers old, worn, broken stairs to provide an attractive, safe, durable surface which will give years of service.      This long life can be extended if you use our Veitchi-Clean service.

Veitchiflor/Linotol is available in a range of colours, please download our colour chart for reference.  Special colours can be produced, please discuss your requirements with our technical staff.

For more information on any aspect of this product, please download our Veitchiflor brochure.