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Polyurethane; Epoxy resins; Methyl Methacrylate; Floor coatings

Veitchi Industrial Flooring has been at the forefront of resin flooring in the United Kingdom since the product’s inception in the 1960s.

Originally formulated for the industrial market, resin floors are now used across a wide range of sectors.

Due to their versatile and adaptive nature, they are often the floor covering of choice as they offer unlimited design and colour variations.

Using the expertise of our staff and the support of the manufacturers, Veitchi will survey sites and develop proposals and schemes to suite both technical and budgetary requirements.

From surface seals and coatings to heavy duty industrial resin screeds, we can work with a range of resin manufacturers to provide a suitable system to suit individual needs.

For further information regarding our resin systems, please download the Veitchi Industrial Flooring brochure.

please download our brochure