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The Veitchi Way… encapsulates our Group’s commitment to minimising our impact on the world around us. We have adopted the environmental standard BS EN ISO 14001:2004 and are working towards certification in early 2014.

As the world in which we operate changes, so too do our clients’ requirements. Mandatory carbon reporting, which came into force in April 2013, is already having an impact with our FTSE clients requiring full traceability and certificates of re-use and recycling in order to meet their new obligations. Other new developments include zero waste contracts which ensure that each contractor is accountable for their own waste management on site. This allows us greater control with regard to the implementation of our own waste management strategy centring upon the reduction, re-use and recycling of materials whilst actively avoiding sending waste to landfill.

Not only are we exploring new approaches to waste reduction such as Just in Time delivery where floor coverings are cut to size in the factory so, reducing both waste and time on site. We are also reviewing our supply chain to introduce sustainable products wherever possible e.g. FSC or PEFC timber is already supplied to clients and we are seeking greener paints and floor coverings to reduce our clients’ carbon footprint.

These initiatives are increasingly being supported by trade organisations. For example, our Interiors division is a member of the Association of Interior Specialists which has been active in reducing the amount of waste from mineral wool ceiling tiles through the Ceilings Sustainability Partnership and Armstrong.

As we continue to reduce, re-use and recycle across the Group we have established relationships not only with large manufacturers/recyclers but also with local charities, social enterprises and businesses to re-use and recycle materials which would have previously been sent to landfill. In this way, we support the following organisations:-

Organisation Materials Re-use Recycle
British Gypsum Plasterboard tick
Desso Carpet tiles tick
Hamilton Furniture Initiative Floor coverings Fridges tick
Kingspan Raised access flooring tick
Mid UK Recycling Plasterboard tick
planitgreen Ink & toner cartridges tick
Recofloor* Vinyl Flooring tick
Re-Tek WEEE tick tick
Somebody Cares Floor coverings tick
Spruce Carpets Carpets
Carpet tiles
Yooz Construction materials
Shop fittings
Floor coverings
* Recofloor has granted their bronze award for recycling to our Aberdeen Flooring division for the last 3 years.

During the first half of 2013 we sent 44 tonnes of floor coverings to Hamilton Furniture Initiative, Yooz and Spruce for re-use with an additional 5 tonnes being recycled by Desso and Recofloor. In the meantime, our Interiors division sent 160 tonnes of plasterboard offcuts to British Gypsum for recycling.

Even little initiatives can have an impact over time. For example, Richardson & Starling use small volumes of materials for reinstatement purposes but are aware that the “metre back rule” results in a lot of serviceable timber becoming “waste”. They now re-use floorboards wherever possible, aligning to the aims of our Environmental Policy and managing their significant environmental aspects as efficiently as possible.

We’re progressing well but know that we can do better. Our next steps will involve targets for both the divisions and the Group as we continue to reduce, re-use and recycle.

The Veitchi Way… ensures that we remain sustainable in the longer term while positively impacting upon our clients, local community and the world in which we operate.

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