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Project Bakery Upgrade
Location Scotland and North East England
Client ASDA
Value £ Various

Job Description

Replacement of Bakery floors carried out as part of ASDA’s ongoing maintenance and improvement programme.


The flooring in most ASDA bakeries comprises terrazzo tiles. It was decided to enhance the slip resistance in these areas as part of their continuous improvement programme.


It was imperative that disruption was kept to an absolute minimum and that the bakeries were open for business each morning. We supplied and installed Veitchiflake PAS which is rapid curing, can be laid over existing floors and leaves no off-putting residual odours.


In partnership with CBES, one of the UK’s leading maintenance contractors, who erect the protective enclosure and carry out air monitoring throughout the resin application, Veitchi Industrial Flooring prepare and lay the new floor to an agreed area overnight allowing the bakery to open for business the next day.


Following the Pre Start Meeting, along with HS&E information, Veitchi Industrial Flooring prepare a schedule of works dividing the bakery floor into areas which can be started and completed each night. This includes start and finish times of key work activities which allow CBES to carefully manage air monitoring and re-opening of the bakery. In an evening, we normally complete 100–150 sqm with a typical bakery completed in 3 nights.

Benefits to client

Asda get the benefit of newly installed, hardwearing slip resistant finish without any disruption to their business. The use of rapid hardening Veitchiflake polyaspartic resin allows flooring to be laid overnight with the bakeries returned to service at 06.00, safe in the knowledge that there will be no lingering odour or taint associated with the application of other resins.

asda-casestudy-01 asda-casestudy-02 asda-casestudy-03

(Images left – right: Application of base coat following preparation work, broadcast of decorative quartz aggregate, finished floor)

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